Our community is currently made up of 20 people, including 14 adults and 6 children. We also have many dogs, cats, chickens and fish! We live together in 5 small homes and a dormitory and we often meet together in our community center.

Our life together includes the following regular activities: worship, prayer, check-in and sharing times, community meals, community chores and cleaning times, spiritual formation activities, the pursuit of our livelihood and sustainability through production and agriculture, and service to our neighborhood through our various service teams.

Our Culture

As an expression of our values, we work to create a culture in our community with the following characteristics:

Is about Jesus. We practice a life of prayer and spiritual disciplines that keep us walking together, by faith, in connection with Jesus through the Holy Spirit.

Is about people. Every person is treated as welcome, precious, and accepted. It is our joy to welcome, listen and be present with people. Part of our work is simply to be a place where people can come, share, live (if they choose) and dream.

Is about relationships. We love relationships and meaningful communication. Time and life together is arranged to promote regular and meaningful communication with each other.

Recognizes authority around call. We seek to recognize the call of each person and give them the authority to practice that call on behalf of the community. We do not use significant structures of power. Those called to lead the community make the community’s important decisions by consensus with the input of community members and based on our values.

Acceptance. We do not use judgment or power to correct or teach behavior. We graciously accept each person and desire to know them and listen to them. We desire that our community provides a place for healing and growth led by the Holy Spirit, not by human power. We employ trauma-informed care, seeking to recognize and respond to all types of previous trauma in the lives of people. This does not imply a spirit of laziness, license or that "anything goes." It is a combination of grace and truth. The community keeps each other accountable to living out its values, mission, and culture.

Creativity, production, and abundant life. We love to create new ways of living together through a constant process of action and reflection. Through this process, we desire to live God's abundant life, first, spiritually, by creating an atmosphere where the Holy Spirit can work in our midst, and second, physically, by creatively partnering with God as we tend his creation and then thankfully enjoying and sharing the blessings that God provides. We believe that people come to life when they understand their unique gift to the world and are empowered to use that gift in connection with others.

Our Structure

Our community operates with a fairly simple structure, where the members of the community include the leadership team, staff, and residents. The leadership team is a group of individuals who are called to lead, manage and take responsibility for the community. The leadership team is accountable to a Board of Trustees. Staff are those who are employed to play a specific and vital role in the community. Residents are those who join the community for one year or more to participate in and learn from the life of the community and to go through the community's discipleship and spiritual formation program. You can read more about this program on our Programs Page.

Our Commitments

All members of the community commit to the communities mission, values and culture and to the following:

To live "under one roof."  Everyone who is part of the community chooses to live on the premises of the community, recognizing that aspects of community life and mission take place throughout the entire day.

Participation in community activities.  All members of the community participate equally in the primary community activities.

Open and honest communication.  We share openly and truthfully with the community what we are thinking and feeling.  We do not resort to gossip, either inside or outside the community.

Unity, confession and forgiveness.  The community follows Matthew 18:15-17.  If someone is hurt by another, they do not gossip or create division; they share it openly with the person that hurt them and seek reconciliation, offering forgiveness.

Simplicity.  The community is committed to living an abundant life that is also a simple life – free from pursuits of materialism or excess.  The community is committed to a lifestyle philosophy of determining what they need and then sharing extra with others.