Our first visit to San Miguel, Batangas - October 2016

In October, 2016 we traveled to a variety of locations in Luzon, as we considered the best place for the ministry of Shepherd's Home. We were all convinced, fairly quickly, that the site in San Miguel, Batangas, a rural community, about a 25 minute drive from Batangas City, was the perfect place for us.

Registering Shepherd's Home of Servant Leadership - November 2016

In November, 2016, we drafted our articles of incorporation and by-laws for Shepherd's Home of Servant Leadership, Inc., and began the process of registering the organization. The organization was officially registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission on December 7, 2016.

Ground breaking ceremony - January 2017

On Sunday, January 22, 2017, the official ground-breaking ceremony was held at our new location in San Miguel, Batangas to formally begin construction for Shepherd's Home. This event was held simultaneously with the dedication of the new BCBC-San Miguel church, which made for a grand celebration for both events.

Construction in progress - February 2017

February, 2017 - Construction is in full swing, with construction of four staff houses in progress. Construction on a community center will be starting soon.

Our move to Shepherd's Home - May 2017

May, 2017 - Over the period of May 1 - 5, our staff team moved our families and belongings to Shepherd's Home! Our guest house and staff housing is almost complete (and complete enough for us to move in).  Construction on our community center, dormitory, and duplex apartments continues.

Our grand opening and dedication - October 2017

On October 16, 2017 we held our grand opening and dedication. We were blessed with the attendance of our partners from around the world, our new neighbors in San Miguel, Batangas, and many of our alumni from our previous programs in Mindoro.