At Shepherd's Home, we strive to be a place of welcome, both for our neighbors and our visitors. Our hope is that anyone who visits Shepherd's Home will experience a safe place where they are loved and accepted and where their stories and life are valued. The members of Shepherd's Home have also formed the following teams, which offer various programs to our neighbors and visitors:

Our Teams

Haven of Belovedness Team.  This team hosts a variety of experiential programs for visitors who desire to learn from and engage with our community.  These programs include a flexible Retreat and Seminar Program where guests can join our community and also spend time learning about topics of servant leadership, community, and spiritual formation. Some common seminar topics offered by the the team include: Understanding Grace, Understanding our Belovedness, The Temptations of Leaderships, Broken to be Given, True Personality versus the False Self, and Trauma Informed Care.  The Retreat and Seminar Programs usually costs P200 per person per day, including lodging and materials, but not including meals.  This team also helps to lead our community's Residential Program. In this program, residents join the life of the community for up to 1 year, including involvement in one or more of the community's teams. In the Residential Program, residents also enroll in a series of spiritual formation and servant leadership courses that help you to think deeply about your identity and purpose. Groups or individuals interested in any of these programs should CONTACT US to learn more and to work with this team to develop a program that meets your needs.

Agriculture Team.  This team develops our agriculture and sustainability programs while providing opportunities for our residents and neighbors to learn more about healthy living and organic farming.

Alternative Learning School Team.  This team provides an alternative style of education for young people in our neighborhood who have been unable, for whatever reason, to pursue traditional schooling. The team creates an environment where students decide what they want to learn and where young people's gifts, dreams, and vocation are discovered and pursued.  This team works in partnership with the Philippine Alternative Learning System (ALS) and helps children prepare to take the ALS accreditation and equivalency exams.

Island of Sanity Team.  This team operates a community center called the "Island of Sanity."  The goal of the Island of Sanity is to create a place of life-giving connection for our neighbors that evokes people's gifts and creativity.