We believe that you are created by God as a special masterpiece and that God is calling you to a unique and special work.  In our Residential Discipleship and Spiritual Formation Program, we invite you to join the life of our community for at least six months, where you can learn by experience what it means to be a part of a practicing community of servant leadership.  The program is designed to help you take the time to learn who you are in God’s eyes and to understand God’s purpose for you.  The program is practical and experiential and aims to equip you to live out your unique purpose in Christian community with others in a variety of contexts, including business, non-profits, house churches, and institutional churches.

In the program, you will join the life of the community, where you will be involved in the community’s regular activities, including: worship, prayer, check-in and sharing times, community meals, community chores and cleaning times, the pursuit of sustainability through production and agriculture, and service to our neighborhood through participation in one of our service teams.

A central part of the program is a spiritual formation and servant leadership course that helps you to connect deeply with God, yourself, your community and the place you are in.  In this process, you will learn about God's amazing love and grace, allowing you to find your significance and acceptance in Christ. The course helps residents go on a deep inner journey of spiritual formation where they can think deeply about their calling.  The topics of this course, include: spiritual disciplines, understanding grace, understanding our belovedness, true personality versus the false self, the temptations of leadership, broken to be given, and Christ-like service.

Our Residential Discipleship and Spiritual Formation Program is open to anyone who desires to humbly seek Christ’s call on their lives in the context of an open and authentic community. Those interested in joining the program should contact us so we can talk with you more about this opportunity.  You can learn how to contact us on our CONTACT US PAGE.  We recommend joining us for at least one week to see if the program is for you.  The program usually starts a new cycle of the spiritual formation and servant leadership course each October.