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August 2018 Community Linker Newsletter - Part 1

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Dear Friends,

In this newsletter we want to thank God for our our ten residents who completed our first Spiritual Formation and Discipleship Program this August.  As we look back over the last year, there are so many stories and memories we could share.  Through much laughter and also many tears, God taught each of us.  Community life is not easy, especially as we each recognize more deeply our own wounds and selfishness.  But, God brought much healing and growth to each of us and we thank Him for his faithfulness to our community.

We want to take this chance to say THANK YOU to everyone who has supported Shepherd's Home with your prayers and your finances.  You have helped to make it possible to invest in the lives of our residents.  We want to say a special thanks to Mr. Rob Hall who has played a key role in supporting this program.

Please read more about our residents, their time at Shepherd's Home and their plans below.  You can also see photos from our Closing Program on our Facebook Page.

Our next residential Spiritual Formation and Discipleship Program will start on October 1, 2018.  You can learn more about this program on our web-site.  If you know someone who might be interested in joining this program, please contact us.

Be looking for our next newsletter later this month, with more news from our staff and our neighorhood outreach teams.

The Shepherd's Home Family.

Our Residents

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Maria "May" Abrenica

Maria thanks God for using her time at Shepherd’s Home to help her uncover her true self.  She now believes God is calling her to reach out to youth, especially those that live in fear, and help them to become their authentic selves.  May has decided that the best place to start practicing this call is right here at Shepherd’s Home, serving with our Alternative Education Team.  May will work with numerous youth in our surrounding neighbourhoods who are struggling and who have not been able to finish school.  May’s desire is to help them not only to finish school, but to understand their true potential and purpose in God’s eyes.

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Paulo De los Santos

Paulo came to Shepherd’s Home after attending a retreat here with his church - GBCC in Cavite.  At that retreat, Paulo recognized that he needed some time to figure out his purpose in life.  Paulo had been working as a school teacher.  During his time at Shepherd’s Home, God confirmed to Paulo that he is called to help people grow in their independence and sense of self-worth.  Paulo now desires to pursue this call as a social worker.  He plans to move to Lipa City where he will begin to prepare for the Philippine civil service exam.  After passing this exam, he hopes to apply for work with the Philippine Department of Social Welfare.

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Precious and Juri Lolong

Juri and Precious came to Shepherd’s Home in February.  They are both graduates of CSLP and they returned home to us with the need to be part of a community as they figured out their next steps in life.  They both bring much life and many gifts to our community.  Juri is a musician and an artist.  Precious has gifts of teaching and hospitality.  They have both decided that God is calling them to serve with us here at Shepherd’s Home. Juri plans to pursue his call by helping young people as part of our Alternative Education Team. Precious is called to work with children, helping them to feel safe and to dream.  Precious will continue the work she has already started, where she operates children’s programs for our neighborhood.

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Kaye and Selya Viray

Kaye and Selya thank God for using their time at Shepherd’s Home to help them transition back to life in the Philippines after living and working for many years in Canada.  They knew they wanted to serve God in Occidental Mindoro where they already have a home.  But, during their time with us they have grown in their understanding of who they are and how God wants to use them in that place.  They plan to develop agriculture programs as a way to reach out, employ and connect with their neighbors.  As part of this, they have a special burden for helping those struggling with substance abuse.

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Ederson San Lorenzo

Ederson is an artist and a gardener and he has a burden to help people live a healthy life. At the same time, he has a pastor’s heart and a desire to serve the church as he encourages people in their walks with Jesus.  Ederson came to Shepherd’s Home in December of last year because he was struggling to figure out the right path forward and the right place to serve.  God is now calling him to Nueva Vizcaya where he will work with other graduates of CSLP/ Shepherd’s Home to build an authentic church community.  In this work, Ederson will be able to combine all of his gifts and passions as he serves the people in that place.

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Ruth Ann Defeo

Ruth Ann thanks God for using her time at Shepherd’s Home to grow spiritually and emotionally and even also to find physical healing.  Her time here has confirmed God’s call on her life to live simply and to serve youth who are struggling and depressed.  She will return to her home of Tuguegarao, where she plans to connect more deeply with her family and to work with four others to build a community that can serve young people.

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Jonar Minga

Jonar is already part of our staff, working as our maintenance and grounds manager.  But, over this last year, he has also been participating fully in our spiritual formation and discipleship program with our other residents.  Jonar has become convinced about his call to work at Shepherd’s Home – a place where he can serve this community and our neighbors.  Jonar has a servant heart and has a particular burden to help people know their worth.  He is a great blessing to us here and we look forward to see how God will use him even more in this place.

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Gian Comia

Gian has been at Shepherd’s Home for the last two months.  He decided to stay here after attending a retreat here with his church - BCBC in Batangas City.  During the retreat, he saw himself in the story of the Father and the Prodigal Son and he wanted to be in a place where he could deeply consider his purpose in life.  Although he has already finished his third year of college in computer programming, he has found that his real interests are connected with agriculture and business.  He has decided to stay at Shepherd’s Home for another year and attend our full 10-month residential program.  While he is here, he wants to work with us more on developing aspects of our agriculture and sustainability.

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