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Shepherd's Home continues a unique ministry that was birthed at Mindoro Bible College in Oriental  Mindoro, Philippines as the Center for Servant Leadership Philippines.  Shepherd's Home  is a group of people that intentionally choose to live together as a community with common values and practices. These values and practices are based entirely on a desire to follow Jesus and his ways, ways that we call "servant leadership." As part of this, we strive to actively love each other as Jesus loved us. This obviously raises the question, "What does it mean to love as Jesus did?" That's a question we think about, act and reflect on every day.  We hope that this site will show you glimpses of how we are answering that question.

Shepherd's Home is a place of learning.  Everything we do is about learning how to follow Jesus together.  We study, act, pray and reflect together, and we find that every person in our community is both a teacher and a learner.  We invite you to join us.  A core program of the Shepherd's Home is our residential Discipleship and Spiritual Formation program.  This program involves taking at least one year of your life and deciding to live with us.  A goal of this program is to help people discern the unique work Jesus is calling them to do, and then equipping them to do that.  In other words, it is all about discipleship - learning to follow Jesus in community.

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